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Funding Private Money Transactions Throughout Florida to Include: Orlando - Miami - Tampa -
Jacksonville - Tallahassee - Fort Lauderdale - Pensacola - Gainesville - Naples - Sarasota - Key West
#1 Funding Source for Private Money and Business Capital Lending Nationwide
Offering Fast Funding Solutions to Small Businesses and Real Estate Investors!

Ground-Up Construction Financing

Investors are Funding Up to 90% of Acquisition Cost and 90% of Total Construction Costs {LTC}.

Business Capital Loans

Investors Can Fund up to $2,000,000 for Businesses in Need of a Quick Loan!

Renovation/Rehab Loans

Investors are Funding up to 70% of After-Repair-Value {ARV} and 90% of total Construction Costs {LTC}.

Medical, Restaurant and Other Business Equipment Financing!

Investors are Offering Fast Business Financing That Allows You to Quickly Purchase or Lease Equipment for Your Business!
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